A banner of the five characters from the web novel 'Elf Girl' from left to right: Jonas (a human man), Flynt (a part-Ork man), Keira (an elven woman), Meg (a human woman), and Tyrus (a dwarven man). Art was done by Galactic Jonah.
An image of the title 'Elf Girl' in stylized green font.

A Fantasy Adventure
by Zepheryne

Keira should’ve said no to the elf ears—or at least paid more attention to her character build. Instead, she entered a high fantasy pop-up experience with no idea how immersive it would become. Now, she's the newest (and least prepared) 1st level ranger in Qeth. To return to her reality, she must join a party of wannabe adventurers and level up. But starter quests won’t last forever, and as Keira and her new party gradually grow their skills and their bond, they discover a long-lost secret that could send this idyllic fantasy realm into chaos.

Art commissioned from [www.galacticjonah.com]